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September 2021

Creative Corner

Natalie Turner
Natalie TurnerHead of Multimedia

Watch the video, we dare you…

Think B2B, think video, think inspiration, think how can we stand out from the rest!!

The following ‘watches’ are just this, it’s here to inspire you. What works, what stands out. How can I relate this to B2B videos?

So let us help you…

Grab a cuppa, sit back and spend the next five minutes being inspired.

It’s all about the script…

This video is all about the script. Short, simple and bold.

We need more… now imagine this with collaboration, data, connection etc

(Is this a B2B video? Why not? It’s clear and straight to the point. What do you remember from it? Maybe… we need more!)

The video uses a mix of stock, illustration, text on screen… it has everything! But the golden nuggets of the video are those relatable clips, facial expressions, actions… people! Too many B2B videos forget about the people and just show the tech. People use it, buy it, manage it… so get them involved.


Keep it short and repetitive.

The right voiceover is key here, think of having a bigger budget on the voiceover and less on the stock.

So is black and white back in?

This video has beautifully thought out compositions. As a creative, it keeps me wanting more and more. And the crazy thing, it’s black and white but it’s not dated!

The typography is considered in each shot and the simple colour palette ties it all together. A video like this will stand out from the rest. If black and white isn’t your brand colours, why not try reds and greens like in the film Amelie or blues and yellows like in Mad Max.

The colour palette is a powerful element to your video. 


Play around with your stock, flip it, slice it, mirror it. Give your video designer time to play with the compositions, don’t be too literal.

Now that’s a great brand film!

I saw this rebrand film for Zendesk and thought how great would it be to create a brand or product video in B2B with this style of humour and wit!

Honesty is the word

Everything in this video showcases creativity – from the humour of the ‘bleeped’ names, the cinematography of the interviews and most of all the narrators script.



Using anamorphic lenses can make a video look that next step above the last interview

Get the right people to talk, relax!

Low budget? Get the point across in sound design.

Now this video really resonated with me when it comes to video briefs where we don’t have much to show visually or a lack of budget. How can we still create something intriguing? Well…

Sound design

The example video is about a phone… but open your mind to the simplicity of the visuals (in this case the stock). I love the way they have told you so much about the phone by using simple shots – waterproof (droplet), attention to detail (close-ups of polishing brushes) etc.


Don’t over complicate this – don’t use voiceover – maybe just text on screen.

Let the sound design do the talking.

I hope this has inspired you to look at B2B video slightly differently.

We are always looking for interesting ways to work on a tricky brief and always delivering the most creative work for our clients.

Want to know more about amazing video? Try something a little louder – Is your voice(over) powerful enough?

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