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October 2020

The World of B2B

James Myers
James MyersHead of Strategy, B2B

Big font, little font

Font size sums up a surprising amount of what can go wrong in marketing. B2B is particularly guilty.  

It’s a cliché. But we know the feedback. The phone number is too small. You can’t see the call to action. Make it bigger.  

Best practice doesn’t tell us what is too big, or too small or even what is baby bear.  

What if we put more effort into making the communication interesting and the call to action more motivating. Marketing is about helping people buy, just as much as it is about helping people respond. 

Now, turn to the website.  

You want to interest and engage the prospects who visit your site. We know they browse in an F shape (that is F as in the letter F)and we know they rarely go below the fold, but we also know various divisions, all of them, want their content to be visible.  


Cram it all in and optimise. More sub heads. Bits of copy to explain the obvious so prospects don’t need to click on. Make sure we don’t miss an opportunity.  

But optimise means optimise, it doesn’t necessarily mean great or even good. It means better than it was. An optimisation culture is no substitute for planning the digital experience in the first place.  

If you recognise yourself anywhere in this. Well done. That is the first step to redemption  

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