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October 2020

The World of B2B

Alice Tyler
Alice TylerJunior Planner

Influencer marketing

The first in an irregular series of top ten facts you didn’t know you needed to know…

  1. According to Single Grain, social media metrics such as number of followers or likes don’t dictate the extent of one’s influence, at least for B2B marketing. Internal industry knowledge, circles and partnerships also come into play.
  2. However, 75% of marketing professionals say verified web traffic is the most important criteria when selecting an influencer.
  3. 48% of B2B tech marketers planned to employ influencers as a marketing tactic in 2019.
  4. Employee re-shares of company-posted content have more than double the click-through rate of the original post.
  5. Nearly 70% of marketers name “authenticity and transparency” as crucial to successful influencer marketing.
  6. Influencer marketing campaigns yield 11 times higher ROI than other forms of promoted content.
  7. Business customers trust brands less these days and want more authentic interactions. A recent Forrester survey confirms that advocacy marketing is on the rise as a result.
  8. 90% of business decision-makers initiate their purchasing processes by canvassing opinions from industry experts and peers, largely through social media.
  9. 47% of influencers say they prefer to work with brands whose values are in alignment with theirs.
  10. Only 15% of B2B brands are running ongoing or integrated influencer marketing programmes.

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